United Nations

IMUNA / International Model United Nations Association


Presentation Design, Branding, Print Design

Client Goals

They require a variety of design jobs. The majority of the process involves redesigning and modernizing some of their older print and promotional matierals. These include program guides, event books, and presentations. They require a clean corporate style of layout using heavy imagery and visuals while retaining their general look.

Work Flow

Since we were rebranding a lot of these options from scratch, we had a bit of freedom in terms of fonts and overall look. Typically, we begin the projects with a discussion about the old proof and what direction they'd like to take the reworked one in. Normally, I'd provide a few different looks within the first draft that I provide. This allows them to settle in on styles they feel best represent their needs and from there I am able to mold the rest of the book to match. With this, we have been able to streamline a normally tedious process.

Final Thoughts

After settling in on a general look as well as the fonts, we were able to create our first few presentations in a fairly short turnaround time. This has led us to developing a workflow that is efficient and very transparent. The ability to work hand in hand on these has helped us reduce turnaround times and given us the ability to focus more on new ideas.

Presentation Cover Presentation Page 2 Presentation Page 3 Presentation Page 4 Presentation Page 4 Presentation Page 4

All Photos and Designs are Copyright 2015 Joe Lewandowski. Thank you for taking the time to check out my work.