Meadows - Mural

The Meadows Fest - Add More Paint


Logo Design, Presentation Design, Art Coordination, On-Site Assistance, Photography

About the Project

Add More Paint is the name of a mural company based out of Brooklyn New York. I was brought in at the very start of the project to assist in creating a pitch in order to secure one of the main canvases at The Meadows Festival in Queens, NY. Canvas for this project actually meant 140 feet of storage conatainers, as well as 12 or so lighting encasements.

Work Flow

Working with the CEO, we compiled and created a list of available artists to assist with the project as well as 3-4 main themes that we thought would work well for the space we had. We had to get examples of work from each artist, individual rates, and availability. Our total list included well over 10 artists, all with different styles and skillsets. After creating a presentation using Keynote, we were able to secure one of the main locations for our work. Working with the festival people, we narrowed down an idea that we felt represented the city and borough best. The next step was to bring on the artists and have them share their visions on the project. Since I was not directly painting this piece, I was on-site to oversee the progress, layout, take photographs and assist with any on site needs. We had about a week to fully paint the whole thing!

Final Thoughts

After what felt like an eternity, we were able to come up with a mural that everyone felt was up to our standard. The final result was a mural that was featured next to the main stage where such acts as Kayne West and Chance the Rapper played. Several news sources and articles use the image as their cover photo while writing about the event and it was well documented on social media platforms such as instagram.

AMP - Logo Powerpoint Proposal Slides Artist Sketches Layout Proposals Work In Progress - Photos Lighting Booths Lighting Booths

All Photos and Designs are Copyright 2015 Joe Lewandowski. Thank you for taking the time to check out my work.